Saturday, February 23, 2019

all the deities awoke this morning, they stretched out and did some yoga, positioning themselves straegecly waiting for bad news from nowwhere, krishna says to me, 'they are already dead.'
jesus mutters, 'it was my last temptation, and i have regrets.'
buddha says, 'life is suffering mission, declare your moksha.'
black odin and his crows whisper 'we are prepared for war.'
while eros and aphrodite give me a hug and remind me, 'make love not war.'
lord vishnu stretches out and dreams harder.
kali slays me, severing my head and holding it in her hand as blood spills out and she raises it higher in victory, 'just another ego mission, how many left?'
'i needed that one.'
brahma and his four heads all turn and laugh in unison, 'ha,ha, ha, ha!'
captain mission gets the joke, it's funny enough but he's a fool not an idiot, 'and what does your fifth head have to say about that?'
brahma stops laughing. 
yeah i got you all figured out, 


i don't know where i am, in unexpected territory, with an unexpected friend, he's telling me, 'your like a father to me. i have nothing but respect for you. soon you will achieve moksha.'
i have to look, harder into the picture, is this real, the thin veil between things is so narrow, one side leaks into the other. 
'liberation, moksha is liberation.' i say, thanking aldus huxley for the insight, fuck! all that late night struggling with huxley paid off.
'yes mission, it's liberation.'
where did that come from, i've known this guy for years and he never speaks like this to me, usually he just watches tv and cooks spicy food. we usually talk about distant travels and exotic locations we have been but never this stuff. and then he starts telling me about the gita and the battlefield, one of my favourite scenes but he tells me about the missing piece, the bit i don't know. 

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