Saturday, February 23, 2019

oh ha, let my hair down for a couple of days with val and olga in the city, oh ah, we ate so much excellent food it really is a heightened culinary experience, those guys know food and how to use it. i guess i eat with them more than anyone else so we have mastered what we require from an eating experience. although i can't possibly keep up, even my ice cream obsession has limits whereas those two are extremists in food play.
we did a hell of a lot of walking, all along brighton le sands and newtown, walked here there and everywhere in out of various pockets of activity. the wind played havoc along the beach and as usual i seem to provoke all sorts of strange events by observation alone. 
i read a little, val plays some cool jazz bass and olga is doing some work, it's very chilled when it needs to be and late at night we do the cookie thing, an amazing process where i learn from the master himself. it's also hilariously funny and we are all in hysterics. 
i recall many years ago val told me a joke which almost killed me. it's true, i laughed so hard i thought i was going to die. we all did, and that joke spawned a trend upon the cultural conditions in the world which we named as the rise of the goat.
this week a similar story was told but we all knew afterwards the goat was now on the descendant and the camel would pop into the cultural framework in a matter of weeks. 
it is very true that val, olga and myself brought about this fissure in the glamour, it lasted several years and now a new one begins. look out for the camel, yeah seriously... 
i'm in the most fabulous Italian restaurant, the waitress is extraordinary  she's wrapped us all around her fingers and i just ask her to bring me something with no meat. she's so passionate about the meals i just figure she will know what to do. i end up with the best pizza ever, ricotta and mushroom which goes down well with a glass of good red. sensational, val eats a very rich gnocchi and i must admit even though i had a spoonful only, it was the best gnocchi i've ever had. oh yeah, that restaurant is on my list. mama rosy's king street people, for the beautiful people.

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