Thursday, December 16, 2010

old captain mission has a day with the children, laughing and playing, bumping heads with special girls, playing chess with bright boy and digging the tiny one's private universe as he hops, trots, skips and jumps trough the fourth dimensions into higher ones, oh yeah these are switched on kids, not your normal androids. but old captain mission is quite taken by their sexy mum, who although is somewhat distant today and in her aquarian compartments still appears to like the old man. what is it she see's in me exactly. anyways it don't matter, she probably see's something very different from the usual i guess.
i see something really good in nico, something honest and true. i see something under all the masks and force field personality, what is it, it's the thing i want, it's where my hands try to reach, it's deep inside buried in her cynicism hurt and sadness, it's like a flower or jewel, something really beautiful and something precious that needs nurturing and a little tenderness, it's something that could grow again into that horses spirit, that exuberance, that love of life not the lust for life. old captain mission does the goddesses work, he's underpaid, knocked around a bit, rejected and even disillusioned sometimes but he's never giving up on anyone who comes into his sphere, he's like the statue of liberty declaration. these are the final days, may as well make each day count for something. like old bob says, you gotta serve somebody, it may be the devil it may be the lord but you gonna have to serve somebody.'
nico, what i dig about you is your honesty, you're one cool woman.

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