Friday, December 24, 2010

midnight rambling with pan, we clamber over the skies and clouds, we edge up the strange nocturnal worlds, passing sleeping humans laying in their little cosy beds or crashed out on sofas with candles burning, we hover over trees all vibrating and sending messages, we float down to our friends home. we enter the gates, my friend there to greet and illuminate our path. we enter and pass through secret doorways and corridors where we meet indoor perfection, space and light.
we smoke many herbs and pay homage to jah. we talk turkey about girls. we talk turkey about angels who always arrive for that moment you really need them, they only come to open up your heart, but when they come, wow it's a whole lifetime. i met a few. i'll tell you about them one day. but these angels are there, living in their tree houses and water spots, they don't just walk into your life, they just appear, like outta nowhere, all divine and perfect with a hint of sex but it's not the first thing you think about, it's in there though or maybe that's just me. yeah sex don't really register, it's beyond sex, it's love, but that radiating kind, the kind that glows and you are struck by the angels beauty, you are struck by her spirt. it don't matter that you never see her again, this is a life affirming experience, a miracle for any man.
my night friend has recently had a visitation.
i suggest we smoke a spliff to honour the angel.

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