Tuesday, December 14, 2010

danger danger!
all written transmissions are being monitored, the illuminati have discovered the captain mission transcripts, they have attempted several times to use various methods to capture him and are now searching through transcripts in this blog for the source code, the subtext.
failed methods have included large doses of lsd dropped into his water supply, these failed due to his high tolereance of hallucegenics, they have attempted kidnapping all failed due to captain missions unpredictabilty and aversion to routine then there have been various seduction attempts, women in all forms with hidden agendas, twisting him around their finger with their wiley ways and female charms. unfortunatly captain mission has been weak in this department and almost come a cropper but due to his resilient nature he has carefully extracted himself before revelation of any source code material. but now in the cyber age his work is up for grabs as teams of adolecent hackers and programmers attempt to crack the meaning.
unfortunaly they lack a prerequisite and will be unable to find anything of use. only hp knows how to read the captain, miss cupcake is learning fast but has yet to crack the codes.
warning warning!

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