Tuesday, December 14, 2010

grief has a rhythm, see how it pulses along with anguish, feel it come like a wave, washing over you, taking you along for it's ride, where are you going, your moving in grief, it has a extra blue colour, somewhere here is a place to deep for tears, it's overwhelming and you can feel it inside your heart, yeah that's grief invading your body, settling in for that awful ache. grief i felt it en mass, ayahuscia took me through grief like you could never imagine, the grief of the world, the grief of the history, the grief of the planet, how much fucking grief can a man handle, you'd be surprised.
now there is no grief, i grieve no more. there is no fear, i fear nothing, i am free.
ayhuscia then took me through each construct i had believed to be true, every single one, like a pair of giant hands operating on me, they were removed, snapped away and discarded, the goddess filled me with her love.
i lay upon a grass feild in the morning sunshine, tears of joy, shouting out 'i love you' at the top of my lungs for about three hours. yeah that goddess she loves me man. i do her work because she's the real deal, more authentic than any construct, sexier to, you gotta die over and over, you gotta let go of everything, you gotta come with me over that edge and loose the fear, you gotta open your heart and you gotta love this amazing universe and all she brings.
i want to save you, i wanna take you where i have been, i want to show ya, there's something more to the life you been living, something so much more genuine and fulfilling, keep your money, your trophy wives, luxury cars and diamonds and pearls, these are trinkets, nothing beats being loved by the universe.

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