Tuesday, July 02, 2019

in your healing i chose my cards, purely for selfish reasons as i need a little guidance in what is going on for us through this period.

9 disks = gain
ruled by the moon, karmic reward, wisdom, love and creativity, the foundation, the fields of imagination, the happiest realms. finally satisfied with themselves they settle down and gather the crops, well-earned rewards for good accomplishment while enjoying the charming shine of venus.
9 swords = cruelty
destructive domination by a lower form of intellect that results in emotional cruelty.  the fields of reflection and imagination, while other suits bless happiness this represents cruelty through the nature of the mind. it cannot rest, cannot stop thinking analyzing and in the end cannot ignore the fact that this leads nowhere. this card really represents going into the depths by over analysis. 
20 the aeon- the trump card of time and the changes dictated by time, it addresses finality, hope liberation and redemption, the evolution of human consciousness. there is an astrological connection with libra, the aeon is the phoenix. insight, a true understanding of life's circle and patterns. the card says, 'leave the monkey mind perception and gaze from higher levels.' 
the time has come to face the new, build a utopia. birth, renewal and transformation. knowledge of coherence and wide perception and liberation of hidden abilities unlimited potential and possibilities. a decision that impacts your life, trauma and psychological effects that hamper you from another person, repeating the same destructive patterns.

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