Monday, March 18, 2019

we speak, time seems to slow down and speed up, how do we do that?
usually i just listen but today i felt we had equal time, you always repeat the plan as though i never really get it but i like that, i guess it reminds me there is a process, it does change often and at your command so i feel like i am in the wind but this morning was great, balanced and quite lovely considering the situation.
your situation is complex, i understand it clearly and can only love you more for how you are handling it. it confirms everything for me, you are quite magnificent in your integrity. how could i love anyone without that element? it really is beautiful and that is you.
me, i move from moment to moment, travel by thought, do what ever i have to which is not that much really, one step at a time. 
i love the position you are in past, present and future all co existing in the same time, it's unique and absurd, and real. a challenge like this could only present itself to an exceptional individual, and that would be the only woman i could possibly love. it's all in the heart. yet how am i to face the upcoming few days, fuck, where will i draw that strength from and do i have it within's so fucked up i just have to face it. no choice for me there which proves your theory about choice wrong. 

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