Friday, March 08, 2019

moving in and out of the soft focus, the cupid hit and arrow straight and true pierced me like nothing i could ever imagine, i was wounded very badly and also at the same time saved. 
outcomes unknown, it goes from the ticking to the tocking and despite the madness that lays inside the walls of that sound comes a calm certainty deep within. however complacency would be foolish, running on fumes one can never allow oneself to think the hard yards are over, they are ahead, stitched into the fabric of time that cleaves us.
so i surf, do my martial art, use my inner resources and prepare for warfare. mentally i am sharper than ever, focused on the moment and my visions, bringing everything into alignment while doing nothing at all.
i write my stuff, catch the waves, feed the fish and watch the birds, care for the garden and grow my hair.
it ain't easy at all, not like i thought, that yearning just gets stronger and more intense. and therefore it all just becomes an intense experience. it's my own fault, heart magick is turbo voodoo mission. 
we are everywhere. which makes you my all.
and now you are.

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