Sunday, March 17, 2019

in cosmic war the implications are galactic, spiritual warfare effects only humanity, it is a battle of wills whereas cosmic warfare is the battle of forces we know as god, heaven is coming, hang on tight, heaven is here, it  already resides within but it's all perspective. the manipulation of ego occurs on multi dimensional levels, and the light becomes the dark, dark becomes light, nothing is what it seems, the only aspect one can rely upon is the intuitive knowledge that fear is the enemy, fear is the mind killer. there is no defensive position, this is a false concept for defense is attack.
one must loose total fear of fear and then one can live or die free. 
i have to force myself through this process, it's easy now i have lost it all. nothing to fight for, nothing to hold on to, nothing to let go off.
but then there's you.
consider this for a moment, i share this only out of love, not control not power and certainly not ego state, i am where i am, way ahead of the pack. i am divine time, it's why i can't function in time, it's why i am always a beat behind or ahead, but in divine time i am without even knowing it, until the early hours this morning. everything plays out perfectly as is, only ego makes it complex.
this is the moment, your choronzon. a manifestation of your last ego state playing out to stop your liberation. i told you it would come, i told you it was ahead and it would have to be faced alone. you were correct, there is only choices, i know that right or wrong do not exist here. i know that the war operates on many levels, only a mind like ours could know this.
you must be ready else it would not play out yet, so believe in yourself as much as i do, believe in me as much as i do, believe in the universal intelligence and use our power to defeat what must be defeated. i am not the enemy, i am only liberation. this is just the truth. and the truth sets us free.


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