Saturday, March 02, 2019

extraordinary dawn, surf into the sun, yoga of the spirit. energy centres beaming, radiating at high velocity frequency, activated and   ready for anything. i do my sun salutations drenched in the light.
all is perfect in these moments, hallowed space spills over into everything now, i'm everywhere i possibly could be, an energy, a true will, a true love and free. 
later my father and i discuss atlantis, we speculate upon the history of man being in constant flux.
i tell him i have a freind coming to stay and he asks, 'girlfriend?'
'kind of, maybe something quite more significant?'
is she nice?'
i tell him she is like the trip i took from sorrento to capri, and he smiles. he knows.
now i have time, now i can bake. 

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