Saturday, March 23, 2019

full moon with you, such a beautiful night, all perfect really, and then as usual some weird energy from the glamour intervenes and throws us both. right when i'm consolidated. i don't understand that stuff, it's bad voodoo in my book and i take it personally.
you want war, i want peace, you want hate i want love, you want to attack me with insanity i want to reflect sanity back, that's the glamour and me. it's human history, all wars are based around it, all suffering and all misery. read the cultures classics, the vedas, the greeks, the scriptures, all love thwarted by dimensions we can't even begin to fathom. i know them, i seen them work down on a real earth level, in human suffering and control. the biggest crimes are against the innocent and i am innocent in all of this, yeah i am. 
i'm sucked into some bad karma, it's wounded me deeply. it's broken me somewhat.
i haul my ass up again, swim against the tide as usual, relinquish all to take the right action, the action i was doing anyway. i seem to be on a loosing streak, not sure what you are saying one moment to the next, it's like sudden bipolar reality, say one thing do another, do one thing say another. what am i to do but let it all go and trust you. is that madness? i think it might be but don't want to risk not doing, madness is probably just what i need right now, madness i can fight against. there is no love here at the moment, i don't feel loved at all, in fact i just feel despised by everyone in this. i'll be the villain then. even you can suspect me of something. test me test me test me, i will not fail unless you chose that i have.  

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