Saturday, March 16, 2019

stormy roads, the heavy rain is challenging but driving requires discipline and prepares me for my training when i arrive. my body is changing rapidly, muscles becoming stronger and my power core throbs with latent energy. most of the time i train it's almost supplementary to whatever else i am doing, if i find myself with hands free i do some quick moves, it's all in transference of energy. i'm chatting on the phone, my hands are moving spheres around the room, it's powerful to see, quite amazing how quickly it all returned to me, despite the various broken bones, blockages and fucked up lifestyles. my left side is weak, that arm needs some bone strengthening and i am cast back to the bone breathing days in newport with iggy, amazing we did that independently of one another and only discovered we both used this technique by coincidence  same with the conversion of light into nutrition, groovy times although never again will i step into a sauna with you brother.
i can shoot spheres of light tonight, they leave my hands and shoot right across the room. i have to perfect this so i can test it but it feels fantastic. 
i'm moving better now, body less sluggish and more elegant, graceful again, like a dancer. i am in a flow, i am in flow, i am flow, let's flow. this is actually a very strong sexual energy, i can feel it flooding out now, spilling into my aura, through my blood and power centres, i'm hyped up on the erotic impulse engine. it's all tantric  energy being released, i'm just transubstantiating it, cos i'm good like that.

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