Wednesday, March 27, 2019

oh yeah the new invisible me is kinda okay, he's lighter, agile and has a vital tantric energy cruising through his centre generating strange spirals and fields. i've noticed other subtle changes, diet reduced to the bare minimum, hair growth increased, bone density changes as they become stronger, sleep reduction, mental dexterity and clarity, a certain frission when i think of you. 
there are other events occurring simultaneously but i have to keep one step in front of the other, no jumping ahead of myself. it's a discipline. on a need to know basis, mmm, i like that whole concept although i never hide anything i do not need an explanation, for i guarantee you  our catastrophes and triumphs are the same path, obviously directly into a collision with one another. 
'it's all happened,' as they say on my home planet to which the correct response is, 'destiny knows where it is going.'
so here i am, a new kinda me, same as the old one only updated wetware, my systems are fully operational and assist in maintenance of themselves and my soul. i'm staying far away from madness, ego bullshit and personality defects, the glam has no power over me and my fate is like that schrodingers jazz cat, waiting for the observer.
in the meantime i gotta let my hair down and play.  

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