Sunday, March 10, 2019

early surf, early sun saturating vision, it's all just a white out down there, glistening elements sparkle in your slow time and all the wave pattern match my mind, huge powerful and perfectly formed arcs within chaos. precision engineering, i slide out into the deep zones, i cut through the crash, i dive under and out and up and around, like a friendly dolphin looking for a friend.
the fin is somewhat battered from wear but it still works and it offers me everything i require to set up boosting mechanisms, power floods my energy centres, and i activate outwards in spiral galactic whirls, i catch them sometimes when i am not looking, colours, purple, red, blue, green and white and the non spectrum energy that pours from me like honey, let's make that waves, all spinning in their strange trajectories, all outwards in my chosen trajectory.
over the sleepy towns they travel, over bushland, rivers, homes, quarries, oyster farms and the to the great emerald city where tin men and fearful lions, straw creatures need it. free energy, it's all just a state of mind. 
later i smoke some very powerful medicines with some ghosts i conjured up. one reminds me who i was, thanks.
the other reminds me who i am. thank you. 
the other reminds me what i am becoming. thank you very much.
but shouldn't you do this around xmas time, i suggest?
they laugh, no man, it's already yesterday.
i gaze out at avalon, across the water and find i am alone again.

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