Saturday, March 16, 2019

these last weeks have been seriously weird, and now i understand why. cause and effect, defence and reaction, i thought it was spiritual war but the cosmic war has started and we are all being pushed to new positions, and the best action for me is to take my place at my throne. dramatic shifts have occurred already, it's all speeding up to high stake velocity. the usual players make their moves, ego creates new consciousness, a false one. the false army moves in ignorance, it assumes it's positions are correct, actions fail dramatically as the effect is the cause. 
in cosmic war, electrical storms manifest over cities, ions charged with ambiguous motive, the taste of it's energy dances upon the tongues of the talkers and speakers while the poets burn words to power. yeah baby, words are the swords, and the king wields the flaming truth of certainty. 
my mind is so sharp now, i understand it all, see the fractal for what it is, trapped by duty and limitation, by misdirection and lack of clarity. good intentions line the road to hell, i walk across the bones of the dead who lay dust beneath my feet, thinking they were something when they were not. my duty is to liberation of the people i love, nothing else matters. my kingdom is my queen, and it must be safe and sound. only the royal union can win the war, consecration points through the multiverse, vibrational healing in love ritual divine. the planet will be saved through the orgasm of light, sacred semen and halo spiral of living sensual directed yoni waves.
soldiers of hate i command you to cease, yield where you stand and return as free, for if you choose ego consciousness you are already dead, already dead, already dead.

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