Thursday, March 14, 2019

sleep baby sleep, loose yourself in deep dreams and delta landscapes where architectures change and morph into vistas of creative potential, find me, find me for i am also lost in this strange area, slightly here slightly not, overwhelmed by it's narcosis (although not accurate a word, it will do )and underwhelmed by it's clocks that now tick tock away in the ever present prison of the present. 
never have clocks ruled me, never has time held me, and now i am in confinement. 
yearning and learning, suffering but surviving. 

i mean it's not that bad mission, people suffer much worse than your self indulgent sufferance. 
yes yes, it's all true but can i not be a little selfish in love?
no mission, you cannot.
are you my higher self?
no i am yourself.
all these years i thought i was not myself.
you are now.

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