Tuesday, March 05, 2019

everybody wants free money but i will bake you a success cake.

first set out make a bliss cake, be at a space time point where your heart is filled with love and positive vibrations, half way through the person you adore will freak you out completely via a message or telephone conversation and change your energy into a state of fear which transfers into the process thus mutating the bliss cake into freak out cake. 
keep all ingredients as simple as possible as this is a recipe light, intent heavy cake. 

when your true love arrives, offer her a slice. if you are feeling brave take a small bite so the experience is shared.

effects occur in sequence 12 hours after consumption. therefore, you will experience a mighty bliss first, in a state of heightened ecstatic joy unlike any ever before, and when you least expect it, defences are all down the freak out point intersects and results in causing chaotic waves within the fabric of your reality. 

note on the freak out:
the freak out will be from an unpredicatble source, at a high velocity  it will shatter the day into fragments of unimaginable pain and consequences but it will be no ones fault. effects will last an inconceivably long time.

as a countermeasure to the freak out component a simple spell can be cast that will then transform it's molecular structure. place your hands in your loved one's hands and make a quick 'intention intervention' spell casting for success, thus the cake is now a success cake. 
consume quickly to temper the effects of the freak out.

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