Tuesday, July 15, 2008

yesterday The High Priestess called in for some warmth.

'Mission will i take my boots off?''
'Are they knee high, stiletto's?'
'Well if i was sleeping with ya i'd say leave them on.'

And then proceeded to let me know she is moving north, devastating news on a personal level but on a larger more significant level excellent for planet earth and all who sail in her.
anyways we had a nice look at geo dome structures on the net, went for a walk and i introduced her to some local celebrities, the lady at the coffee shop said to me, 'she is beautiful.'
i replied, 'yeah i know, wait till you get a look inside her mind.'

anyways it was all very nice. but internally i feel like i'm loosing my Friend, one of the few women i have loved unconditionally and absolutely unquestionably apart from maybe agent stoned, however where 'stoned' was unforgiving and complex, The High Priestess is unquestionably integrity wise. Also she gets me.
40-ish years of gallivanting around the globe and frolicking within the female world and i have only ever met one girl that just got me the way she does. Every part of me she totally understands, and accepts and honours. Agents of Change have this ability, you don't meet many of them. Anyways, she's heading north to complete her mission, i'm going to stay here and complete mine. But i guess in many ways we will be operating on a psychic level together.
Now with the yin came the yang and a phone call from Darryl who says he is moving up to sydney asap and asked if i would help. Now his is excellent news for me, as Darryl is he only man i ever met that gets me, apart from the Professor, yeah another Agent of Change.
one day i hope to see darryl and the High Priestess get married, i'd like to preform that ceremony in my voodoo love god role, i've never seen a more suited couple.

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