Monday, July 07, 2008

the other love of my life, meredith has been e mailing me asking if we can be friends, she asks if i received a letter she posted in january, to which i reply 'nope', she then says she sent me stuff and a letter asking if we can get back together again but also telling me she has met someone new who lives down the road becauase i didn't reply to the letter i never got.
i'm like a love letter falling apart in the rain at the moment. sadness is so sudden, it comes on so strong. anyways i won't stay with it long, i rolled myself some jazz cigarettes and processed her being lost from my life, and came to the conclusion, she was lost well before she entered. i never really had her despite the intensity and the drama, wow, how much drama can one girl squeeze into her life, and then suddenly i realize i have had my share of extremity, i don't know all i want is to have some peace and harmony with intermittent sexual deviancy and love.
oh well there's always tomorrow...

my new edwyn collins cd will be here shortly
i'm excited

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