Tuesday, July 08, 2008

run scan
heartbeat - yeah its there
blood is flowing - yeah its a bit sluggish but it's flowing
strange taste - need to clean teeth
aching bones - its winter and all me broken bits tent to play up
okay vitals- ohh thats a bit sexy

its another day where im awake with the sun streaming in, pan and i get down to street for our morning rituals, we say hello to people and act freindly but all we really want is to get something warm in us, i hate the cold, its an evil energy, attacking my body like tiny goblins with sharp spears and twisted minds. i need spring with its little elves and fairies, lightness and promise of something better around the corner, i need summer where the pixies play and frolic through my living room, i need to find some warmth somewhere that stays with me.

so i ring up two places to manufacture the disc, jesus its an expensive game for 500 copies of adventures. however if i sell them i can make some much needed cash, its no fun living on wasabi peas anymore the novilty has worn off. okay big days ahead of me, darryl is arriving tomorrow so finally and i must make up some music for him, he's more your esoteric listener so it won't be a simple rock band that moves him, i have just the piece, from afganistan plus a new material piece called hallucination engine which he will dig cos it has bill laswell on it.

then i have to go to two parties this weekend, i hope i get the days right, i'll turn up at the wrong place at the wrong time, it's happened many times before, when you live outside space time these events seem to reoccur, eventually people around me get used to it.

i should be practising my song for the high preistesses birthday, but as usual i'll just wing it, she can do the harmonies and i'll get darryl to beat some skins. i enjoyed singing that tune with her, it sounds like we have already drunk a bottle of tequila and have run away to elope or something crazy.

couple of weeks ago i ran into a dude who fell under my freak flag, he's some sort of musical genuis, dresses like a druid, large man with a twinkle in his eyes, i call him san pedro, his names actually peter but at the time i met him i was under the influence of the cactus gods, anyways he wants me to collaberate with him, my words, his music. he played me some song he has recorded, a huge sound, called 'blood and guts' a soon to be sporting anthem, not my cup of tea at all, but its certainly going to rake in the clams. anyways we found some common ground, weird tom waits jazz be bop beatnik stuff, so i think i may write a space opera with him. space rock is underatted in my book. yeah i can see the way it pans out my words spread across the infinate backdrop as galaxies sprawl, suns are born and black wholes suck gravity a space ship heads to earth, an earth bound girl meets an alien man with a tenticle, falls in love, make plans for a life together, she gets him to destroy his space ship so that he can stay with her forever and then runs of with the guy down the road, 'earthgirls are evil.'
A glorious mix of humour and tragady, inter species sexuallity and love.

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