Friday, July 11, 2008

wind howls
chimes chime
its 5.20am
in linear time
i feel like i've travelled from the mexican desert to the arabian sea and back again to this temple where my friends sleep around me in content deep delta realms.
i met with mescalito the wife of ayahuscia, between dunes, we sat down at dusk to commune, break bread, chew the fat and pay homage to truth. i offered 4 power stones, i keep them in my car for impromptu shamanic offerings, one was given to me by a stranger, it's aboriginal she tells me, for women only. i did not feel like i was transgressing this relationship buy offerring it to a god. His taste was sweet, like mollasses, he lingered on the edge of my throat as i sucked him dry, yeah it could have been homo erotic but it wasn't, it was ritual and honour, two old souls enjoying the simple sweet air, candle light, anticipation, and direct connection.
i was told you can hear his footsteps approaching, i did later, loud and clear, the earth moved as he approached.
i took on crow, i was honored by my tribe who watched me with keen observation.
sacred songs were sung. we beat the drum.
mescalito is warm, his knowledge build on firm foundations and he is not without a sense of humor which makes him credible to me. i liked the inter- dimensional spectrum he offers, nowhere near as broad as a ayahuscia travel pass but just the same kinda revelationary experience. masses of information based in nice sexy quantum packages, easy doses of truth and light, with some heavy ammunition as bookends. he is easy to relax with, this god, he's comfortable.

i was told that the deep fix needs a byline to define its style. 'inter dimensional pop songs' and it would be a project i work upon with darryl as band mate, his playing and ear is excellent and i think Val would respect him as much as i do, we can write the skeleton, put the flesh on the bones and incorporate val later for the organs. the deep fix is moving in the direction of some sort of 'arts band' but with a thematic patterns and esortrotica leanings.
okay well mescalato and i are good friends now, he knows an inter-dimensional time traveller when he see one. he says that i need to start pulling together the bandwith i travel within, start narrowing it down. my brain feels like its firing up, synaptic nerves are sparking, i'm understanding the flow, tuning around into these deep pockets, the tribe fractalized, discerning what i need to know and what i don't, riding the wave of information and assimilating it, everything takes a yellow orange wavelength just like after 5 tequila slammers but cleaner, leaving you less mess and no blanks. set the controls for the heart of the sun.
we spoke a bit about the particle accelerator in Berne, a bunch of international boffins get to create a new galaxy hundreds of miles under the ground, while we mystics create them in our minds and manifest them into our science.i think abit about these girls in my life whom have come back from the past. i think about how i always attempt to walk with integrity but fail more often than not. My war is with myself, i can only lose against the standard i set myself and sometimes its unforgiving, but there are moments when i shine, i want to shine for those that know me and have come o love me, i want to be the person i know i can be but its a battle.
the only battle worth fighting is the one within.
i know this, i always have, i will not fail for each day takes me somewhere new, each moment is fresh and another opportunity to walk with consciousness and see things clearly without my judgement upon myself or others. without fear.

Quark Strangeness and Charm.

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