Sunday, July 13, 2008

i was tripping through the net at an obscure tibetian meditation i am attempting to perfect, anyway i type into google and get a hit, which i wasn't expecting, a page opens and reveals an essay by someone called dingle, i scroll down looking for the keywords only to be distracted by images of girls, suddenly my mind takes a sideways slide and im looking at some porn, at the back of my mind im chanting out my mantra, and the deity i invoke begins to look more like a porn star than an avenging multi limbed goddess with blade in hand. minor adjustments to the image i hold, she's now a multi armed avenging porn star, i freeze the image and zoom in, see her fine silk hair, the surface of her skin, her scent, the essence of her sexuality, she is dressed in boots and in her hands many kinds of sex toys, she has short hair, bella donna style, yet she has more grace, she carried the feminine principle in her heart, she wears the colours of passion, the rich reds and purples of royalty burn around her as she begins to dance. i watch her limbs move as she passes things from hand to hand, her facial details become known, hint of danger on her lips, her eyes are ablaze, fixed directly at me. i offer her mine. i watch her expand and fill my imagination, i reduce her, then i multiply her by seven and embed her around my skull.
later when i came out of my trance i realized that i had strayed from my intended path and yet through the process had picked up a contemporary version of the diety i needed to invoke, it's better this way, update your gods and goddesses, don't leave them abandoned in antiquity.

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