Tuesday, July 01, 2008

a few months ago i completed a sort of updated myers briggs personality test called HBDI which my friend nick is qualified to do. it's a strange little test in the sense its not really a test, it's just seeing what kind of choices you prefer to make, and what part of your brain is the dominant one. i fell into the D quadrant VISIONARY
with a value of 144
and a final result of 3211
indicating a conceptualising, creative and innovative work enviroment suits me and an occupation of artist or social worker.

It was an amazingly accurate test and interesting to as i was able to guess the shape of the final pattern that my test indicated.
later had tea with larissa joined later by jake, home for a beautiful risotto and chat about plant medicine.


redgrevillea said...

That does sound like a very interesting test. Also healing plants can be miraculous, my illness had been reversed with the use of herbals...doctor's drugs could never do that.

Anonymous said...

found the extraction method no prob, and a few spooky warnings. thanks

captain mission said...

hey ross
yeah plants are where it is at. they have such profound wisdom, my whole life has changed thanks to them.