Wednesday, July 09, 2008

i have not had coffee for about a year, well it seems like that, i stopped for an ayahuscia session, and then never started again. usually when im at the coffee shop in babylon with my friends they drink hundreds of coffees and create bills up to $20- 40 bucks each, mind you they are in there all day. whereas i came across a new breakfast drink that only costs me $6. yeah this morning while staring at the menu wondering what to have i noticed the home made broccoli soup was $6 a bowl with two slices of toast. that's a huge big bowl of soup man.
so i ordered it and around lunch time i ordered another.
perfect meals, cheap and a great way to start the day. meanwhile my friends were ordering food and coffee and racking up a big bill i was being satisfied on my simple cheap pleasure.
my friends linda and steve are two amazing artists, lovely people and i share my birthday with steve, we are so similar its quite strange. except in his brain profile his brain mapped a lot of blue, which makes him quite successful at logical procedures and processes, where as i'm much more abstract and to be honest not good at anything requiring any practicality.

more e mails from meredith, seemingly confused about her relationship with the new man and me, but its far to late for her and i, i keep telling her to find some happiness with the new man, but its the same old story, the more you repel the stronger the attraction, i think i might just have to ask her to marry me, that usually does the trick.

im working on the liner notes, fuck its hard to know what to say, who to thank. i've gotta write something for the web site to, and what am i going to write, more waffle abstract words, random sound bytes, maybe a couple of narrative streams, i've no idea. vals asking about contracts and paperwork and stuff, i just switch off, he's got a business to run i understand, i just want to make the music, thinking about money and cuts just hurt my head and distracts me from my muse.
oh muse should i take the money and run
no mission, its the antithisis of everything you belive in
but i believe in paying my phone bill
maya. you don't need a phone to speak to me


redgrevillea said...

do you have a website or myspace page where I could have a listen to your music? - no pressure of course, at your discretion and either way is fine, though I'd be interested to hear.
Kind regards, r.

captain mission said...

website will be up soon, thanks for asking