Thursday, July 24, 2008

often i think im close to hearing news about that monkey but it usually turns out to be a false alarm. for example this morning i saw an item in the paper that made me investigate further:

Rampaging chimp takes gun from keeper

An elderly chimpanzee has escaped from his pen and grabbed a zoo keeper's tranquilser gun during a wild chase at a Japanese zoo.

Ichiro, a 42-year-old primate, escaped from his pen and climbed to the top of a zoo enclosure in central Japan's Chubu region.

When a worker tried to shoot the chimp with a tranquiliser dart, Ichiro grabbed the gun and threw it to the ground.

Video footage showed alarmed staff gesturing furiously at the chimp, which appeared unaffected by two direct hits and at one point charged across the roof to scare the keepers away.

But when Ichiro was offered a banana two hours later, the rampaging ape climbed down from the roof on its own.

But this can't be junkie as he would never give it away for a banana, a cigar maybe.

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