Saturday, July 12, 2008

high priestess throws a higher self party, i went as mescalero, seemed apt, met some nice people but things started to veer out of control for me, to many people, lots of distortion. i met an intresting girl who was saying her peers say she dresses like a malaysian prosititute, she looked at them and said thank you, she had spent a year in malaysia and said the protitutes were all stunning and immaculate. that's kinda cool, she immpressed me.
i slipped out, late for work but feeling good about myself and where i am going, my songs are starting to take shape in my head, the girls in my life are cool and funky, the men are men i respect, my choice's are getting better.
listening to santa monica 72 a lot, bowie was ziggy, it was ziggy singing those songs now, the kids had killed the man, soon the band would be broken up, hammersmith odean i think. Filmed as 'Ziggy Stardust' by Pennembaker. I have the dvd somewhere but it's not a patch on Santa Monica, where Ziggy is in the drivers seat.
also on my playlist is goldfrapps new cd called 7th tree- lush and beautiful. like being taken by fairies. with some very intresting latent pagan elemental influences.

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