Wednesday, July 16, 2008

many years ago when i first arrived in avalon i hung out with Tash a japanese healer, we created energy spheres, did acupuncture and generally talked a lot about our models of reality, i recall introducing him to the i ching. anyways this morning i re connected with him, and he spent an hour going through my body in a process he calls orientation. although i respect where he is working and the work he does it is not for me, my energies are expansive, his are intro body, more concerned with the organs and the space that contains them, if i understand his process he is working back to the bacterial process within the gut. while this is excellent in theory and also an important aspect to the healing part of unification of soul spirit and mind and body, mine is a very different path.
i've always known we have walked along different lines but the spokes come from the same source. However it was great to see him and i enjoyed his energy.

Apparently its some sort of Pope day in Sydney. Millions of young deluded youth are wandering around the streets in a delirium of religious brainwashing, its amazing how these idiots respond to questions how they are so banal and uninspiring. Imagine thousands of people listening to guy sebastian and then thinking they are at a rock concert, i mean it should be iggy up there singing search and destroy, that's fucking commitment to a higher power. anyway what's really crazy is not once at world pope youth day was there one youth speaking, instead we get some geriatric bishops spawning out some weird ancient message about celibacy and procreation, jeez these old guys need to be updated fast or put to rest.
i remember a conversation i had with jake about my generation,
Jake i said, don't trust us, we are envious of your youth and future and we will do everything we can to control it and keep it in the 80's or 90's, we will stop you having the fun we had, we will stop you learning the way we did, we will stop you making mistakes, we will steal your future because we are in fear of our age and mortality and cannot bare the idea that youth is for the young. Here s a classic example of this, some stupid guy in a white pointy hat telling the youth how to behave and what to do.
Don't listen to them youth!
There are no rules, and no man made laws, its a lie.
Treat others how you would have them treat you, thats the essense, the rest is just bullshit.

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