Monday, July 14, 2008

ultimate power lies in humility
humility is the greatest strength, i have learnt this from my past lives and it is present when i walk in this one, it's always been there under the surface forming but these days i'm conscious of its presence and come to learn its power. the warrior knows this, the wise know this, the fool knows this. i am totally underestimated by everyone i meet, its not a strategy or contra control game, its my very nature and i know it well, others constantly think i am slow, not quite ever present, i am mocked by strangers, dismissed by the multitude, i am the joke and the punch line, i contain my power by giving away my weakness. what others do with that weakness reveals their nature to me. i don't judge but i am selective about my energies, i don't need quantity but i seek quality, i have friends who inhabit many worlds, i have enemies that inhabit one. fear has always been the enemy, it wins some battles but it lost the war, ultimate truth is there is no war. war is cause and effect, for me there is only effect. today.

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