Sunday, July 13, 2008

here i was at a wonderful party chatting to some very nice people and specifically beguiled by one particular energy package, with very very nice eyes and animation as well as being equally as stimulating of the mind, and catching up with jean pierre, whom i haven't seen in years, and amalia and her ex boyfriends, actually everyone there was an ex boyfriend, and they were all really nice, well the ones i met were pretty good. anyway mesmerized and somewhat jaded from yesterday events found myself overwhelmed with a desire to clean my teeth, so i searched the bathroom for some toothpaste but to no avail, i gatecrashed a conversation and found myself, talking to mescalito again, before working out i was talking to my reflection in a mirror. mmm i thought, this is like one of those scenes from a movie, and then i realized it was a scene from my life. narrative, question answer, metaphor,full stop.
new chapter.
trans dimensional pop songs
inter dimensional pop songs
multi dimensional pop songs
im thinking trans but what do i know?

mmm, so digging santa fe at the moment, what energy when they go at it, bauhaus come close when they just started out to capturing that feel but there were not that many great songs, save for bela, third uncle, telegram sam and of course ziggy. stardust.
freak out...

it was really great to see amalia again, i missed her smile, i'm so grateful to her for calling me out of the blue and i hope one day i'll see her again.

i'm also grateful for meredith whom i love as well. i miss her jazz.

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