Monday, April 26, 2010

rode the bus solo this afternoon, needed some time out with my cousin michelle, went to hiafa which is looking good from my bus window. i asked the bus people at netanya how i could get to keriyat balik and he said jump on the bus to hiafia and change there, which i did. when i got to hiafa bus station, which incedently is lush, i asked, 'which bus? they pointed me in the right direction and i jumped on telling the guy i wanted to go to keriyat balik and showed him my ticket, he nodded his head and said yes, then i sat down and rode the bus, i gazed out the window as we followed the coastline, and on the right the city centre, but i never saw one sign or landmark that indicated keriyat balik. anyways the bus terminated and everyone got off and there was my cousin who said i was in the right spot. however this was not keriyat balik, i had got the wrong address, totally, the wrong town yet there was my cousin standing there. strangest thing ever. how had the bus drivers directed me to a totally inaccurate address and get me to the right spot anyways?
its a strange one?

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