Thursday, November 03, 2022

our leaders sit upon a throne of lies and deception. it's become obvious they are not evil but insane. they manipulate and pull strings that pull strings that pull strings and we the public swallow it in our dumb left wing right wing teams. if you want to wake up, start dropping those terms and look at actions, consequences and long term stability of the most tolerant cultures. 
the world is in the edge, kali yuga, apocalypse, it's all quite beautiful in it's weird choreography. it's insane paradox. the strange commentators and polarisation of the masses into the inevitable good and evil.  i'm a libertarian, no govt. no authority has any right to direct me in pursuit of my thoughts or thinking.  i choose freedom as an individual and freedom for my brothers and sisters. that excludes the freedom to harm anyone else. 
the only way through this is to have a connection with our magnificent creator, and trust there is purpose to everything. in order to create something, another thing has to be destroyed.  in order to draw a picture with a pencil, the lead is transferred thus the pencil shrinks. energy in this universe cannot be destroyed only changed. death is inevitable and therefore fear of death is pointless. i would like to stay around and enjoy the ocean, the trees, the feel of a woman's body next to mine. i want to live. but more than that is i want to live free. 
this morning i watched a kingfisher sit in my garden, i spoke to it and it listened. it really was a beautiful creature, it's face expressive and it's body vibrent and the tinge of blue shone in the morning light, as it conversed with me. the birds in my garden are quite magnificent and have established a relationship with me. except for those pesky loud freaking small ones who just disrupt and make a discordant racket. there is not just peace here but wisdom in the birds. they trust me and have become friends, thus i become part of their environment, the environment. that's how greens or environmentalists need to understand the world, in terms of ecology. the mindless destruction of art is anti human, and the very idiots that do this are to stupid to understand they are funded by oil, petrol and gas who directly financially support them as it keeps the price of old energy high and increases profits. all this while they move towards another form of energy which is just as dangerous and unhealthy for the ecology. 
all this happens as we are trapped by an emotional reaction over a rational response. people don't know how to think, they have outsourced thinking to the internet or smart phones, pop stars or scientists in the pay of governments, tv advertisements and the  spill over effect of peer pressure. there are very few brave individuals left. it used to be people could speak freely and the principle was attacked not the person, now it's the person, that's how dumb things are. welcome to the witch trials, now watch them burn or drown. cheer and celebrate until they come for you.

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