Thursday, November 03, 2022


late night, love drugs, eating warm summer air in a state of undress, the scent of skin and sex, blissed out oxford street heat. funky people in inner city throb. we want some random encounter, a stranger when we meet situation, one night of hedonistic joy for 40 hours of blood sweat and tears. it's all lights and street sounds, high fives and jazz cigarettes. i was skinny as a rake back then, in my unbuttoned waist jacket and black skintight jeans. you looked like the glamorous super model from fairy land. we were a strange pair, a couple of kooks. you had your secrets, i had mine. yet we got one another. hard core freaks in the strange land, moon children, in the romantic dimension. we liked to dance, we loved the throb. seek joy, seek liberation, seek love, seek play, seek the funky baseline, seek sex, seek that naughty look in your eyes. you look so bright tonight!

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