Thursday, November 17, 2022

the way of fate
the deep fix

dawn, i surf the ariel condition blue. i see the great awakening, the minds eye see's you. it's a beautiful thing to be, but better to believe, it's true, the world it is so endless, always something new but it always seems to begin and end with you.
i swim the current, where it may take me. it could be anywhere between the here and there, it could be some or no where but it always brings me back, right into the new, it always returns to you.
it's not a trick or trap
it's not a paradox or mistake
it's just the way it is
it's the way of fate.
dusk, i see the great union of things, sometimes when i loose i win, that's the great lesson you learn, it's the wages of experience you earn, when you fall you really fly, when you wipe out you really touch the sky, and it's no wonder, no synaptic spark, it's nothing you can keep or hold, it's just the killing joke, and it's no laughing matter, it's don't anti matter, when you let it go, just hold on, because it all returns to you.
no matter what you do.
it's not a curse or code
it's neither love or hate
it's just the way it is
it's just the way of fate.

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