Friday, November 25, 2022

strange old day today, i wake up through the night at 2 hour intervals, not sure why. eventually i find myself training at dawn, my trainer does some weird new lifting thing with me, it forces me to use muscles that are lazy and it's exhausting, painful and very difficult. i push through, pain is horrible, it's intense but i push through, shouting aloud as i do. eventually it all ends and i return home. later i have to take the car to get a new windshield, the windshield has a huge crack in it thanks to central coast roads, potholes everywhere. this takes a few hours so i wander over to the local shops and sit in a library reading my tanith lee book, 'eva fairdeath,' which reminds me of early mike moorcock. in fact sometimes i am cast back to my early teenage years reading moorcock for the first time, being captivated and loving the adventure, the strangeness and the characters ambiguous natures. 


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