Tuesday, November 29, 2022

an american nightmare descends upon europa, the strange cult of power wielded by the world economic forum, the united nations the world health organisation which i have watched for 30 years encroach upon free thinking civilisation has now struck hard and swift, with covid, with war with media control and the old adage of divide and conquer. the plan was always depopulation, control and compliance, but the method was an evil birthed from master manipulators under the guise of environmentalism and techno feudalism. 
the nazi's now rule the planet. 
from ratlines to the vatican, from the v2 to apollo, from islamic alliance to the green movement, from blm to the silicon valley, from social media to the medical fascists, from the depths of hollywood to the woke and lost, from the pink swastika to the black sun, the nazi's rule the world.
i've always said, it's a spiritual battle, its the war inside out, it's not easy to chose a side because the crusade is blurred.
but it may be the devil
it may be the lord
you're going to have to serve somebody.


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