Monday, November 21, 2022

early morning, early day, i grab my coffee and listen to the birds. they are announcing a day filled with possibility. my garden is wild, it does need a bit of a trim, grass is almost knee high. my deck is covered in debris, the wind yesterday ravaged the area. 
i had a dream i was interviewing patrick henningson, we had met by chance and became involved in a huge discussion with another person i can't recall. i was attempting to argue patrick has a very warped view of middle east politics and views it only from a western perspective, whereas he would have a much better understanding if he understood geographic psychology he may understand the wider issue of who is a threat and why instead of always choosing the obvious. it's a good conversation and we seem to reach an understanding. he's a bit egotistical and detached but eventually i gain his trust and respect. we agree on most other issues and end up having a few drinks. it's weird, i just hope that idiot basil valentine is not the other guy as i really dislike him. 

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