Wednesday, November 16, 2022

after an accident at work i have a few weeks to chill out and relax, read and listen to some music. it's all rather lovely now the sun is out. the accident is minor and i'm fine, although i really would like a short trip somewhere i have committed to stay home, do some baking and enjoy the summer days. the surf is looking better and if i can get down there for dawn i will. 
i also have a few events i need to attend on the horizon. interesting times, summer of love. i have to hack into the jungle outside, it's becoming very wild although the king parrots love it and have paid me a visit this morning. it's spectacular to see the flash of colour out there, a vibrent red contrasted against the deep rich green, i've shredded away my rubber plant which was growing into something resembling something summoned by the necromomicon. 

there's no doubt in my mind war is inevitable, it's obvious the democrats want a war for a number or reasons.  some of which are:
to take away from the corrupt election in arizona where it is obvious major cheating occurred.
to distract the public from the corruption in a crypto currency scam of massive magnitude where the tax payers money went to the ukraine and then laundered back to major democrat players.
to justify the military industrial ammunition america gave to ukraine 
to keep europa down and in a state of fear
to control the dominant narrative which is russia are the bad guys and putin the antichrist.
to depopulate.
to clear the collapse of the monetary system for it's incarnation into central digital currency
and because we are in the hands of psychopaths which a plan i have followed for 30 years and it has played out exactly as i have said. just do a search on here for 'agenda 21'
the major issue with the public and it's experts is cognitive dissidence. mass formation psychosis. 
hold on tight, it's going to get bumpy.   


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