Thursday, November 24, 2022

colin wilson goes on to look at the way over population plays a part upon human tensions, resulting in violence, he suggests even animals will suicide if their numbers become dense, whereas humans often murder one another.  it's all about regulating tension. he cites many studies where animals have also been cruel to their own kind, often for reasons of requiring space, sustainability of the tribe, this is an altruistic motive carried out in barbarity. he looks at the way the adrenal gland is effected by tension and over population, as if their is a biological reason why people kill. the bottom line is it seems hardwired in us, even the victim can become the oppressor, as history shows us. 
my thoughts are and always have been beat your program, always rewire it and write your own, that's got to be the fundamental mission if you want to hack reality. it's not easy but it's do able. eventually you get to a point where it becomes easy. letting go is part of this, as you hack reality you have to let go of parts that don't serve or nourish you. 
i'd make a dreadful killer, it's not in my nature but i can handle myself if i have to. the point is to avoid this situation as much as possible. avoid anyone who can't control their impulse to violence, usually a good sign is witnessed by the ability these people may have in letting go itself. knowing when to let go is a subtle skill just like knowing when to hang on. 
wilson suggests the ability to adapt to stress increases control and reiterates crime is the easy way, a short cut.
he also looks at the death urge advocated by freud but dismisses this and moves on to authoritarianism particularly in institutions like marriage and bureaucracy but later writes about the sci fi author a. e. van vogt who was also wrote a number of 'brilliant' psychological studies one being, 'the right man' which looks at self esteem and how that plays a huge role in crime bared out in abusive relationships. peter sellers apparently suffered from this condition. 

i'm looking forwards to see if wilson touches upon the spiritual side of things within mankind, it seems pretty obvious to me, two forces are at work within every human, the war within. confront the shadow and transmute that and 'crime' becomes duty. for in this age everything is inverted, and crime seems to be perfectly justified if you are in authority, a govt. a police force, a politician yet for the disempowered it means you are evil. i don't support the idea that people should commit crime or any criminal activity but i do think we need to look at the nature of crime and what it constitutes. for example when the democratic party in the usa send money to ukraine and it's invested in crypto currency and then sent back to the democratic party laundered to fund their elections is that a crime or just business as usual. is it a crime that tax payers money was used, that the dems who invested made millions and amassed a personal fortune while fighting a proxy pointless sham war. is it a crime that billions of dollars of hardware paid for by the taxpayer was left in afghanistan, US forces abandoned, allies who faced certain death by the taliban abandoned, meanwhile the military industrial complex asks for more money to fund itself from, you guessed it the tax payer. 
is that criminal, no it's all legitimised by the powerful. 
crime these days is sanctioned by our global elites who pulled of the biggest scam in the history of humanity, after 9-11, the covid scam, a complete redistribution of wealth from the poor and the middle to the rich. 
poor colin wilson never lived to see what crime had evolved to corporate crime, institutionalised crime, experimental vaccines forced upon global populations resulting in the cure being far more dangerous than the desease, murder by proxy. i'm only on chapter two and i have already seen the limits of thinking and i really respect colin wilson as a deep philosopher who worked outside the box. however i must continue reading and see where things lead.

i take a break. this week i have surfed each morning but today i am late, and arrive at the beach for a short play, time is tight. the initial few moments within the ocean are freezing, and kick start my old heart, it's a shock to say the least but wow, after submerging oneself the body adapts and today has perfect waves. i have to negotiate that white stuff, push beyond to the back where everything is crystal. it's glorious as i ride wave upon wave, feeling tension lift, feeling clarity, feeling invigorated. 

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