Friday, October 28, 2022

some empty little town on the north shore, a corner outside a library, i see her first and she pretends not to see me. she's smoking and looks ahead trying to be cool and indifferent but instead looks self conscious and nervous.
'hello you,' i say as i pass her.
'oh hi.'
i walk past her, not looking back.
it's not like there was any love there, just sex. it's not like we parted friends, in fact if i recall correctly she ended up stealing from me. money, an opel card and books. 
she was a petulant brat actually. 
i remember her body and smile.
later i get a text from another ex, she says 'we should meet?'
'we did,' i reply.
well it's the mercury retrograde and pisces is in jupiter, the stars conspire against me. 
it will pass.

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