Wednesday, October 12, 2022

financial crisis, they come and go, on a global level, on a personal level, i see you had one, a bad investment in some dumb scam. it could happen to anyone, but it happened to you. 
ever figured out why? 
bad luck?
maybe not. so rather than beg with a bowl you take the contemporary approach, i get it, it's the less shameful way of begging i guess. people have cash to spare, they throw a few dollars your way and you fake humility and gratitude. 
i see you still like to use excuses, to frightened to look within, for through all that twisted perception one could only see distortion. the ugly fairground mirror like truth of you. 
me i had a bit of bad luck and a little good, in the end everything balances out the way it will. i gave up attempting to determine what's fair, that's not a call any human can make. certainly on a cosmic level. the universe has a way of evening the score, some say it falls towards entropy, whereas i have been blessed / cursed with a multi dimensional vision and see entropy as the inverse of  negentropy, the particle and the wave, the more we slide towards chaos the more order implied upon the secret dimensions.
when one exists in these worlds, nothing is straightforwards. instruments fail, science leads us astray. there's only one way and that's my way. i know this now. my mistake was to compromise.
silly stories of cats and books cannot save you unless you know what your doing. 
i'm sorry you had this issue, and then again it's hardly surprising.  


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