Friday, October 14, 2022

mmm, sara gran wrote to me, (okay not to me directly but to her fan club) she wants to recommend a book, and i'm so excited i can't stop pondering what it would be. i can't imagine, all i think about is fucking her while she reads me her manuscript of her next novel. i know it's weird but she just lights me up. the fact she wrote some of the scripts from berlin station is icing on the cake. how can you better that man. 

tomorrow i'm in the surf, i hope conditions are reasonable, all i want is a good wave. the forecast is favorable, an early morning surf into the sun. breakfast at the surf cafe, and my head in my 'robots' book, it's shaping up to be a great weekend. in the afternoon i have to do some baking and make a new supply of edibles, mission control is looking good, might even mop the floors and polish them while i play my new kilbey and kennedy album loud.

i don't really wanna do anything to social, my head hurts from people.

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