Wednesday, October 26, 2022

let's talk about kayne west. he's been popping up a bit as he posted something on 'tweeter' about wanting to go 'defcon on jews' some sort of military term. admittedly it's a stupid thing to put out there in the universe but he would not be alone, the first or the last. kayne west is not significant to me, never was and i thought never would be. however this tweeting went mental, picking up media attention everywhere, impossible to ignore. 
kayne went on to say he was angry and exhausted and was lashing out at the way he had been exploited in his contracts and generally in the entertainment industry the managers, lawyers and agents who were mostly jewish and had ripped him off. he apologised and went on to say in an incredible interview with piers morgan he must have caused a lot of hurt and confusion to jewish people and he wanted to hug them all and asked forgiveness. 

my thoughts are this. i love him, i like his outspoken attitude, i like his honesty and feelings. i myself have been ripped off by a few jewish people, not just financially either so i get the generalisation, anger and him hitting back. however he was a man, he apologised and understood the consequences of what he had said. for this he should be praised not punished. 
kayne west is being punished for his twitting, i feel this is really dumb. he should be allowed to say what he wants and the concerned jewish people should have a right to address his issues with a reasoned response, all this outrage is pointless. 
i have to stand with him here, and there is a huge schism in the jewish people. i myself am sephardic and at an early age began to notice the difference in my own culture to the ashkenazi. it's hard to pinpoint, hard to actually define what it is but there is a difference beyond roots.
anyways kayne made a few great points in his interview, he was also somewhat narcissistic and possible on some spectrum of psychological disorder but generally i tend to like him all the more for speaking out his truth and then addressing the hurt it must have caused. i don't like the idea of him being cancelled, especially ironically by adidas whom have a nazi past. 

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