Monday, September 01, 2014

unfortunately everything does come down to light and darkness, it's the world we are born into, the nature of our earthly existence is based around human souls and while these souls may transcend duality their intentions can't. you gotta serve someone. it may be the devil it may be the lord. we always have to chose a side in the world of man, politics is all about sides, morality is a side. 
my side is the one where diversity rules, one that promotes liberty over restriction. these to me are grand aspirations, i chose the individual over the mass. i don't even know what side that is, on what grounds is a side defined. war? is there as side in peace, i dunno, is peace like a vacuum where things just conflicts pop into existence to fill it, does nature arbour a vacuum, is biology itself at war, is our bacterial process in some kind of war, is coal at war with wind power, plastic at war with sea. can a man of peace not fight a war. arjuna did because he recognised the maya of it all. 'they are already dead' krishna whispered.  

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