Friday, September 26, 2014

oh my god, we are at war again, more war, war war war, it's to much war baby. a man got shot for stabbing a policeman, a woman got spat at, a child got run over, a bird is homeless cos his / her tree was felled by a bulldozer, the bees are at war with the wasps, biology is at war, bacterial microbes are at war, i'm at war with myself. war is the new love on fatebook, love is the new hate according to some guru. tony robot follows obama rama, it's a hundred year war because we want to get in the guinness book of war records, oh war machines rolling out from the deserts and the sand, war machines from hangers dark and hidden, controlled drones from underground your city, overhead your cloud base.
a family man kills hundreds and then has dinner with his kids after a hard day at the office. 
'pass the sauce darling, i've had a hard day.'
we get tactical support from a tortured body, info wars on some website, tensions in society, fissures in the town. everyone divided, i fit the profile, dark skinned, bearded, weird fucking guy with a church t shirt, slightly stoned, wandering around the beach, obviously a fucking geek cos he's carrying a book and his head is in it.
some police check me out, some central coast white boys gawk. 
my accent and use of language identifies me as a citizen but their suspicions never really dissipate. 
it's fucking tense, to much chitter chatter, everyones in the know but no one knows anything, fear hangs around like a dead flavour on your taste buds. shhh, suspicious minds, we can't go on, sooner or later some one will get killed through suspicion. far away bombs blow up a family, hidden from cameras, no one will ever know, everyone will just say no. the desert inhabited by ghosts will haunt the west for ever. no one knows anything, it's terror and fear, everyone plugs in or out. there are prophets of doom and profits of war, there are instruments of torture and instruments of music, there are things that deplete the spirit and things that nourish the soul. hate contracts, love spreads.
the brain shrinks, the mind expands.

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