Thursday, September 11, 2014

i soaked up some sunshine, it came through the day, hitting on my pineal melatonin circuit, inspirational glands. i accessed my biorhythmic projections, integrated some vegetables with fruit, a shot of minerals for the old captain.
pan sprawls, grey haired slumber, dreaming of the days he ran to you on that palm beach spring, leaping around in youthful enthusiasm, thinking he had a mother and father like all children of the sun.
we both dream about the same things, times flow. for him it's the past, for me it's the future, somewhere in the moment we meet and play.
later i patrol the perimeters of libertaria although the call of terrible beach sometimes pulls me away, i resist, it's not yet the time, soon i will return to the surf, a few more days but for now the garden is in bloom, i wander around it planting some seedlings in a circle. sunflowers.
it's almost high noon, apparently the postman will arrive in a few minites with some packages, the new neighbour will make an appearance and ask me some neighbourly questions, he will introduce me to his pregnant wife, pheonix will arise from across the street and suggest a walk, the lizards will want feeding, the phone will ring a number of times and then it will be time for my spinach pie. 

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