Monday, September 29, 2014

australia is a brilliant place, i love the ancient power here, once you tap into it is's jeff vandermeer's area x, it slowly blends in to your spirit. it has a strange alien presence, a land of portals and gateways, it's a strong force but not everyone is influenced by it which surprises me, as i figure eventually it will eat you up and you won't know where you begin. 
the dream time, a dimensional space, dream space and dream time, the astral zones, the perfect place for a subcontinent's subconsciousness. i'm sure it was d h lawrence who said in a poem, 'australia is the subconscious of the world' or he may have been specifically referring to our wildlife, i can't recall. 
it feels like this sometimes, but i fathom you have to use your subconscious to get you there. the city can't hold it back, it's going to encroach upon all things eventually, no wall could keep that out, like a buddhist truth you can't deny it eventually it's acceptance. it's a kind of love. exactly the same with the plant medicines. you have respect that shit man, humility and love, you have to acknowledge it's a teacher and you know nothing but you know it's going to love you unconditionally, and that's what god is. unconditional love. it's only when you believe it, you feel it, you know it do can you trust it. that's divine intervention. the personal touch. 
there's no words that can describe that, nothing i can write can't even come close as hard as i try but i know what it was and it's true to me. all the intelligent gods and goddess out there in the universe come from the same place, with the same truths and man fucks it up the moment he speaks or tries to communicate it. 'language is a virus mr. lee.'

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