Thursday, September 25, 2014

these days flash forwards at a velocity that is unfathomable, i can't quite keep up, falling behind them i find myself living a wednesday on friday. 
the radio plays an old song, i cast even further backwards into a long distant past, a time when you perhaps liked me. admittedly i was a different being, not so certain. while we crossed paths i felt blessed, lucky old me to have had your attention, it was a privilege for me and i suspect an anti climax for you.
there's something in times flow, certain moments we anchor ourselves to, i more than most am aware this is romantic and somewhat foolish given a bigger picture but for humans it's just normal i guess. those moments are sporadic, far and few between, i very rarely find them in my interactions with humans but i guess i was under your spell and quite willingly content. 
these days i find them more so in gardens, animals, the certain phrases of a poet and the sound of intricate guitars and harmonies, music of the cubes, spheres and other esoteric geometrics. 
it's really refreshing not to watch tv, read papers or be plugged into the net, it's amazing how healthy it feels. yes i write my blog and various letters but i avoid anything else purely as an experiment to see who i return to being. without all the crap slammed down my central nervous system, it's rather interesting to let the self regulator return to it's neutral position while every one else is in overdrive peddling their stuff. 
sometimes it's good to fall behind, it's healthy to just let events sweep over like a tidal flow, i mean you can't stop them, screaming won't help, and as if we really know what's going down. it's an ocean of assumptions, chose your wave carefully the surfer in me says. and therein is my way out, soon i will be returning to the sea, to the mornings at terrible beach where i will catch the waves and wash away times arrow.

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