Wednesday, September 10, 2014

i must offer sincere thank you to my friends in the uk, tez and jean whom have fulfilled a life long ambition on my behalf and helped publish my first book. 
the book is basically 50 short stories of varying length, all written in stream of consciousness style, often with no idea of where they are going or what they are about, only that my process is occult, driven by a creative force that resonates within me, often elements of my life are in the subtext, sometimes magickal formula, sometimes when i read them (i have only read them as i correct the proofs) i am surprised by them and can't even remember writing them at all.
anyways, tez and jean have read my work for a long time and saw something worthwhile in the stories, they put this book together, editing, correcting spellings, punctuation and grammar and i am indebted to them and forever grateful. 
the book will be available soon, it's already an e book but the physical copy will be well worth having around the home, casually laid upon the coffee table near your big phaidon or taschen art book or your alternative magazines. it would look striking amongst your book collection, portable and colourful, you can read it on the bus, train or at the beach.
it also has a lovely testimonial from iggy risk who resides in tokyo at the moment, he seemed to really enjoy the copy i sent him and added some very kind words.
so, thanks to all involved, i can't really express my gratitude other than say you have made my dream come true, as i can now say, i am a writer. and that's all i ever wanted to be.
i love ya, thank you.  

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Tez and said...

Big Love Back at ya...XXX