Sunday, September 14, 2014

putting in some long hours at work, slugging myself with extra hours to pay off my debts and sort out my self sufficiency, almost there. i been getting up at 5am and driving to work, that amazing drive, the sun rise as i hit the highway, fog still hanging on the floor, visibility sporadic, patches of explosive vermilion upon the ancient rock, the winding waterways, you can't find this anywhere else on earth. the geological history contains this power, it forms an energy around the landscape, the fabric of time slows down, portals open up. my journey takes no time, these days i know every curve, every stretch, i zone in to the conditions, time dissolves, space dissolves, it's a beautiful thing, driving along with my music playing, my thoughts dissolve. 
i chat with jakob on the skype, he seems worried about me, concerned. he want's news but i have none to give. no news, i forgot about my book, it slipped my mind.
i skype my friend in brighton, he's a wealth of information, did you know the 'city of london' is a corporation. that london, washington and rome are connected by military, banking and religion, they are sovereign corporate entities, not connected to the countries they are embedded within. they even have their own flag and are known collectively as 'the empire of the three.' 
we decide the rabbit hole is very deep and we can only touch the surface without loosing your mind. it's a clever concept but inherently evil and ancient, a few have complete control over the multitude, they use division to divide, fear to keep us all afraid and control us.
we all know it's true, but what can you do?
i suggest the only defence against this is to change yourself. become better, beat fear, challenge your shadow nature and seek the light. this can't be a political process as the left and right are exactly the same, it can't be religious as religion is built around fear so it has to be spiritual. 
ultimately these people have lost touch with their own humanity and the only way they can maintain order is to get you to loose yours.
don't fall for it.
be as free as you can be, free from hate is a good start.

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